About me

In my more than six years of developing software and products, I have been grateful to have a good amount of complex or large projects. Difficult projects have allowed me to break past many learning curves and acquire the mindset of tackling and overcoming any challenge. I have built many successful software businesses and products in my career, hence, my speciality lies in building full complete products and projects that blow away whoever experiences them. My goal with any client is to engage in what their vision and exceed those expectations.

I believe design is the most important mindset I can bring to any project I take ownership of, whether it is backend architecture or a frontend interface, design is of utmost importance. I live by sexy code, sexy infrastructure, and sexy interfaces.


Full Stack

From wireframing to deploying the final product on scalable server infrastructure, I cover the entire product process. I am highly flexible with different stacks and languages.


My goal is providing the most seamless and intuitive interfaces as well as modern design elements. I also do graphic design, photoshop mockups, logo design and programmatic web design.


I am highly product oriented, my main focus is delivering a product that exceeds expectations for both you and your users. Small or large, I do not deliver on anything that I am not satisfied with.